ARB Requests

Request for Home Improvement Form to the Architectural Review Board (ARB)

The ARB meets the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:15 PM in the Community Meeting Room West Oaks Mall. Southeast corner of JC Penney by the dumpsters.

ARB Members:

• Luke Schaefer 407-756-8443

• Keith Montefusco 443-904-6041

• John Provencher 407-299-6101

• Brian Wachowski 716-866-6273

• Michael Dixon 407-761-7276

ARB Contact Form

You can download the ARB form to print and fill-out the improvement details and return to an ARB member or mail to Rose Hill HOA, PO Box 618262, Orlando, FL 32861.

Thank you!

ARB Request Form PDF
Download as a PDF file