Rose Hill Homeowners Association

Welcome to Rose Hill Homeowners Association Phase 1

This is the official Rose Hill Homeowners Assocation's website (Phase 1, Orlando FL). This is a tool to communicate amongst ourselves. Please let us know if you would like anything added that might be useful to the community.

Together we keep this a great community!

Covenants and Restrictions
A copy of the Rose Hill Homeowners Association's Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions is now available online. This file is an adobe acrobat file, free for download from Adobe Reader. To easily move around in the document, please open the bookmarks side bar in the file (View > Navigation Panels > Bookmarks).
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Recent Announcements


The 2022 budget will be presented at the Board of Director’s meeting on December 8th at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room at the West Oaks Mall. If any homeowner has questions about the budget, consider attending the December meeting to receive answers or contact any Board Member by phone or email.


February 19th, 2022 (Saturday) in the Community Room, West Oaks Mall, 10:00 am

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Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Letters from the Board

Rose Hill HOA Meeting Schedule

The location, time and date of the Rose Hill Homeowner's Association Board of Director's meetings are:
Community Meeting Room
West Oaks Mall
9401 W. Colonial Drive
Second Wednesday of the month
7:00 p.m.